What is heterotrophic denitrification?

Heterotrophic denitrifiers require organic carbon for cell growth and as the electron donor in the denitrification process. The nature of the added carbon source has been found to have major effects on denitrification process such as cell growth and denitrification rate.

What is denitrification process?

Denitrification. Denitrification is the process that converts nitrate to nitrogen gas, thus removing bioavailable nitrogen and returning it to the atmosphere. Dinitrogen gas (N2) is the ultimate end product of denitrification, but other intermediate gaseous forms of nitrogen exist (Figure 7).

What is denitrification short answer?

Definition of denitrification : the loss or removal of nitrogen or nitrogen compounds specifically : reduction of nitrates or nitrites commonly by bacteria (as in soil) that usually results in the escape of nitrogen into the air. Other Words from denitrification Example Sentences Learn More About denitrification.

What is autotrophic denitrification?

Autotrophic denitrification is an alternative to heterotrophic denitrification of wastewater and landfill leachate that has high nitrogen content and low carbon content. The process is carried out by the autotrophic bacteria such as Thiobacillus denitrificans or Thiomicrospira denitrificans (Hashimoto et al., 1987).

What is the purpose of denitrifiers?

In the nitrogen cycle, denitrifying bacteria convert nitrate ( NO−3 ) found in the soil into nitrogen gas ( N2 ). This process is called denitrification. Denitrifying bacteria allows nitrogen to return to the atmosphere.

What is denitrification Ncert?

Denitrification is the process during which the nitrogen compound is released back into the atmosphere by converting nitrate (NO3-) into gaseous nitrogen (N).

What is denitrification used for?

Denitrification is commonly used to remove nitrogen from sewage and municipal wastewater. It is also an instrumental process in constructed wetlands and riparian zones for the prevention of groundwater pollution with nitrate resulting from excessive agricultural or residential fertilizer usage.

What is denitrification Shaalaa?

Denitrification is the process in which anaerobic bacteria convert soil nitrates back into nitrogen gas. ii. Denitrifying bacteria removes fixed nitrogen i.e. nitrates from the ecosystem and returns it to the atmosphere in an inert form. iii.

What is denitrification Class 11?

Denitrification is the process in which nitrate in the soil is reduced to molecular nitrogen by Pseudomonas and Thiobacillus.

Is nitrification aerobic or anaerobic?

Nitrification is an aerobic process performed by small groups of autotrophic bacteria and archaea.

What is the electron donor in nitrification?

Nitrification is an aerobic process in which ammonia or nitrite serve as electron-donor substrates and oxygen serves as the electron acceptor. Bacterial species like Nitrosomonas oxidise ammonia to nitrite using molecular oxygen.