What is hexylene glycol used for?

Hexylene glycol is also employed as an antifreeze, and as a coupling agent for hydraulic fluids. It is a moisturising, and setting, agent in the manufacture of textiles and can also be found in the cosmetics industry where it is a component of fragrances and bath, hair, and soap preparations.

What is hexylene glycol derived from?

Hexylene Glycol or HGL is an oxygenated solvent derived from acetone which has two alcohol functions. It has a low evaporation rate and it is completely miscible with water. Hexylene glycol is a key solvent in many markets such as coatings, construction, detergency, cosmetics & fragrances, textiles & leather.

Is hexylene glycol a compound?

Hexylene glycol is a compound that appears in a large number of products that are used commercially and industrially.

Is hexylene glycol toxic?

Hexylene glycol is moderately toxic after oral administration and slightly toxic after ap- plication to the intact skin. The target tissues are the central nervous system (CNS), liver, kidney, lung and gastrointestinal tract. Hexylene glycol is absorbed through the mucosa of the airways and the gastrointestinal tract.

Is hexylene glycol a preservative?

Hexylene glycol is used in a wide variety of skincare products for its applications as a solvent and preservative.

Is hexylene glycol a fragrance?

not for fragrance use. Recommendation for hexylene glycol flavor usage levels up to: not for flavor use.

How do you make hexylene glycol?

Hexylene glycol is most often synthetically produced. It is manufactured by the condensation of 2 molecules of acetone to produce diacetone alcohol, which is further hydrogenated to produce hexylene glycol. This is then purified.

Is hexylene glycol natural?

Butylene glycol, hexylene glycol, and caprylyl glycol are all naturally occurring compounds which are frequently used in many skincare products for their safety and effectiveness.

Is hexylene glycol good for skin?

The FDA has approved Hexylene Glycol and the CIR found it an acceptable solvent in skin care products. So it is perfectly safe when used in a personal care formula.

Why is hexylene glycol used in shampoo?

It has viscosity-reducing properties that allow it to thin out heavy, thick formulations and produce smooth spreadability. Studies indicate it also exhibits antimicrobial properties. In addition to skin care, hexylene glycol is used in other beauty products including hair care and makeup.

Is propylene glycol the same as caprylyl glycol?

When you see the term “glycol,” you may remember warnings that propylene glycol is a potentially dangerous byproduct that’s added to antifreeze and some foods. It’s true that some glycols may be dangerous and should not be used topically in any type of skin care product, but caprylyl glycol isn’t one of them.