What is IKE aggressive mode?

Aggressive Mode squeezes the IKE SA negotiation into three packets, with all data required for the SA passed by the initiator. The responder sends the proposal, key material and ID, and authenticates the session in the next packet. The initiator replies by authenticating the session.

How do I enable aggressive mode on my Cisco router?

To access Cisco Feature Navigator, go to www.cisco.com/go/cfn. An account on Cisco.com is not required. The IKE: Initiate Aggressive Mode feature allows you to specify RADIUS tunnel attributes for an IPsec peer and to initiate an IKE aggressive mode negotiation with the tunnel attributes.

Why aggressive mode is less secure?

While Aggressive Mode is faster than Main Mode, it is less secure because it reveals the unencrypted authentication hash (the PSK). Aggressive Mode is used more often because Main Mode has the added complexity of requiring clients connecting to the VPN to have static IP addresses or to have certificates installed.

Does IKEv2 support aggressive mode?

IKEv2 provides a simpler and more efficient interface. IKEv1 Phase 1 has two possible exchanges: main mode and aggressive mode. There is a single exchange of a message pair for IKEv2 IKE_SA. IKEv2 has a simple exchange of two message pairs for the CHILD_SA.

How do I enable ASDM in ASA CLI?

If SSH access is not configured yet then access it via console and Refer to the article in the attached link to configure SSH access on Cisco ASA.

  1. Step2: Username & Password.
  2. Step3: Enable Password.
  3. Step4: Local AAA.
  4. Step5: Management Interface.
  5. Step6: Enable http.
  6. Step7: Configure http.

How do I enable IKEv1 on Cisco ASA?

Enable IKEv1 on the the interface

  1. Introduction.
  2. Define the Encryption Domain.
  3. Specify the Phase 1 Policy.
  4. Specify the Phase 2 Proposal.
  5. Define the connection profile.
  6. Configure the Crypto Map.
  7. Bind the Crypto Map to the interface.
  8. Enable IKEv1 on the the interface.

How do I turn off aggressive mode on my Cisco router?

To block all Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP) aggressive mode requests to and from a device, use the crypto isakmp aggressive-mode disable command in global configuration mode. To disable the blocking, use the no form of this command.

What is the main weakness of IKE aggressive mode?

It is well known, that the aggressive mode of IKEv1 PSK is vulnerable to offline dictionary or brute force attacks.

How do I turn off aggressive mode on Cisco ASA CLI?

How do I set up aggressive mode?

The VPN policy is setup using Aggressive Mode….Navigate to Objects | Match Objects | Addresses, Click on Add button, enter the following settings.

  1. Name – Central Vpn,
  2. Zone – VPN,
  3. Type – Network,
  4. Network –
  5. Netmask –
  6. Click Save.

What are the vulnerabilities of a VPN?

“VPNs are particularly vulnerable because they are, by definition, exposed to the internet and serve as the entry point into an organization’s protected corporate network,” Desikan said. “They are often left unpatched so are particularly juicy targets for threat actors.”