What is minimal media for E. coli?

M9 medium is a defined, minimal medium for E. coli. It is one of the simplest media in common use, providing a bare-bones complement of phosphorous, nitrogen, and sulfur. It is the medium of choice for microscopy of E.

What is M9 minimal medium?

M9 minimal medium (M9) is commonly used for the cultivation of bacteria (Miller, et al., 1972). It is comprised of a M9 minimal salts base formulation that can be supplemented with various amino acids and carbon sources.

Can E. coli grow in minimal media?

E. coli can grow in chemically defined minimal media supplemented with 15N-labeled nitrogen and 13C-labeled carbon sources.

Why do we use M9 minimal media?

Introduction. M9 medium is a minimal growth medium used for bacterial cultures. It has the advantage of being cheap and has a very low autofluorescence (when excited at 488nm) and also very low absorbance.

How do I make M9 minimal media?

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  1. Make M9 salts.
  2. To make M9 Salts aliquot 800ml H2O and add.
  3. Measure ~700ml of distilled H2O (sterile)
  4. Add 200ml of M9 salts.
  5. Add 2ml of 1M MgSO4 (sterile)
  6. Add 20 ml of 20% glucose (or other carbon source)
  7. Add 100ul of 1M CaCl2 (sterile)

What type of media is M9?

M9 Minimal Salts (2X) Recipe M9 media is a commonly used bacterial media for cultivation and maintenance of Escherichia coli (E. coli) strains. Our Gibco® M9 Minimal Salts (2X) is a concentrated base formulation that can be supplemented with various carbon sources and amino acids to make a complete M9 medium.

How do you make a minimal medium?

Minimal Salts Media

  1. 100 mL of 10X M9 salts (60g/L Na2HPO4, 30 g/L KH2PO4, 5 g/L NaCl, pH 7.4, autoclave for sterilization).
  2. 10 mL of 100 g/L NH4Cl, pH 7.4 (use 0.22 mM filter for sterilization (since the ammonia is somewhat volatile, autoclaving is not recommended)).
  3. 2.0 mL of 1.0 M MgSO4 (autoclave for sterilization).

Is M9 medium a complex medium?

For example, in M9 medium (Table 9.1), all individual chemical components are identified and the exact amounts of each is known. In complex media, which contain extracts and digests of yeasts, meat, or plants, the precise chemical composition of the medium is not known.

Why do we use minimal medium?

Minimal media – Media that contains the minimum nutrients possible for colony growth, generally without the presence of amino acids, and are often used by microbiologists and geneticists to grow “wild type” microorganisms. These media can also be used to select for or against the growth of specific microbes.

Can you autoclave minimal media?

General Protocols For Minimal Media Protein Expression Glass distilled & autoclaved H2O to final volume of 500 mL pH solution to 7.3 and filter sterilize (0.2 um filter).