What is N1 lymph node?

N1, N2, N3: Refers to the number and location of lymph nodes that contain cancer. The higher the number after the N, the more lymph nodes that contain cancer.

How many lymph node stations are there?

14 stations
As mentioned, based on lung cancer staging guidelines, the intrathoracic lymph nodes are divided into 14 stations, which are grouped into 7 zones.

Is 12 mm lymph node normal?

Normal nodes are usually less than ½ inch (12 mm) across. This is the size of a pea or baked bean. They also feel soft and are easy to move.

What is a station 8 lymph node?

Station 8: Paraesophageal Lymph Nodes. The upper border of station 8 is the upper border of the lower lobe bronchus on the left and the lower border of the bronchus intermedius on the right. The lower border of station 8 is the diaphragm.

Is 10 mm lymph node normal?

Non-target lymph nodes measure between 10 and 15 mm and lymph nodes measuring less than 10 mm are considered normal.

Is 11mm lymph node big?

Lower paraaortic lymph nodes larger than 11 mm by short-axis measurement are abnormal. In other locations, nodes smaller than 1 cm may be abnormal if the determined thresholds are exceeded.