What is scenario?

Scenario is a Toronto-based film, TV, and podcast, production company that was founded with the belief that the best stories are told by the people who live them. It’s a simple philosophy that guides all our decisions—from hiring to finished product. Below you can meet some of the incredible peoplewho make up the Scenario team.

What is the scenario squad?

Collectively, the Scenario squad has worked across print, podcasts, film, and television for decades. When we find a story we love, we want to tell it in the medium that serves the story. Sometimes that’s a 90-minute doc, sometimes it’s a podcast series, and sometimes it’s both.

Is sicario a good movie to watch?

Feverishly satisfying with pulse-pounding energy that’s sure to give your heart its full day’s work, Denis Villenueve’s masterful “Sicario” with Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro, and Josh Brolin is an edge of your seat thriller that exemplifies the finest parts of the action genre.