What is the plural of consuls general?

consul general. noun plural consuls general. a consul of the highest grade, usually stationed in a city of considerable commercial importance.

How do you address consul generals?

Address a consul general as ‘Mr./Ms./Dr./etc. (Name)’ – using the honorific to which he or she is personally entitled. Among diplomats, only ambassadors have a special form of address.

What is the difference between honorary consul and consul-general?

The officials appointed as consuls are diplomats of the country, so they are paid by the government. The honorary consul members are not diplomats by career, so they are not paid by the government. Can help the citizens with things such as issuing visas and issuing passports.

What is an honorary consul?

In addition to the Embassy and eight Consulates General, there are also many honorary consuls in the U.S. ready to assist you with advise and counsel. Honorary consuls are called „honorary“ because they perform their work on an honorary basis and are not paid a fee for their services.

What is a consul general?

Definition of consul general : a consul of the first rank stationed in an important place or having jurisdiction in several places or over several consuls.

What is the difference between consul general and ambassador?

The consul general serves as a representative who speaks on behalf of their state in the country where they are located, although ultimate jurisdiction over the right to speak on behalf of a home country within another country belongs to the single ambassador.

What is the difference between an ambassador and a consul general?

A consul is distinguished from an ambassador, the latter being a representative from one head of state to another, but both have a form of immunity.

Do honorary consuls have diplomatic immunity?

Honorary consuls also enjoy diplomatic immunity, which means that their offices and homes cannot be searched by law enforcement officers.

What can honorary consulate do?

A consul or honorary consul can head up an official consulate in any city. His job is to stregthen the ties, facilitate trade, investment and goodwill between the two nations.