What is the time of Karaikal Express?

16175 Karaikal Express Train Time Table

Station Arrives Halt Time
THIRUVARUR JN (TVR) 03:00 10 mins
NAGAPPATTINAM (NGT) 03:40 5 mins
NAGORE (NCR) 04:00 2 mins
KARAIKAL (KIK) 04:50 End

Is Karaikal train running?

The arrival time to KARAIKAL is 04:50….16175Running Status.

Station Karaikal 361 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 04:50 04:50
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled Destination
Delay On Time
PF/Halt – Destination

Is train available from Bangalore to Karaikal?

Sbc KIK Passenger 56514 runs from Ksr Bengaluru to Karaikal, 7 days. The Sbc KIK Passenger 56514 passenger departs from Ksr Bengaluru at 07:15 hrs and arrives at Karaikal at 10:40 hrs. The total running duration of Sbc KIK Passenger train is 15hr 25min, stopping at 57 stations during the journey.

How do I get to Thirunallar by train?

Mayiladithirai is the nearest railway station that is located near the Thirunallar railway station. Trains from across the state come to Mayiladithirai station and it takes just a few minutes from this place to reach Thirunallar. One can also check the train schedules properly in order to get a better service.

How can I go to Karaikal from Kolkata?

You can reach Karaikal from Kolkata by travelling in a train. Kolkata to Karaikal train takes approximately 33 h 20 m. You can catch a train from Kolkata and get down at Karaikal. The price of the train ticket is approximately Rs.

Where is my train 06175?

# Station Sch Arr
1 Chennai Egmore (MS) Source
2 Tambaram (TBM) 09:28 PM
3 Chengalpattu (CGL) 09:58 PM
4 Melmaruvattur (MLMR) 10:28 PM

Where is my train 56515?

56515 BANGALORE CITY – HUBLI Passenger Live Train Running Status

Station Arrival Train Status
MALLESWARAM (MWM) 07:50 Ontime
YESVANTPUR JN (YPR) 07:58 Ontime
CHIK BANAVAR (BAW) 08:10 Ontime

How can I visit Thirunallar?

When should I go to Thirunallar Temple?

If you want to visit the temple on a Saturday, go after 2 pm when it is less crowded. The temple is open from 5.30 am till 9 pm on all Saturdays (on other days, it opens by 6 am and closes by 1 pm.to open again at 4 pm and close at 9 pm) Suggest you take a Rs. 50/- per head ticket. On crowded days, tickets of Rs.

How many hours it takes to Mumbai to Chennai by train?

The fastest train from Mumbai to Chennai is 12163 Ltt Mas Exp. It takes about 21hr 35min hours to reach Chennai. This train leaves Mumbai (CSMT) at 18:45:00 and reaches Chennai (MAS) at 16:20:00.