What is the total fees for FIITJEE?

Course Fees:

Course Fee Head Amount Payable to FIITJEE (Rs.) TOTAL
Admission Fee 2,000 2,206
Books 4,000 4,000
Tuition Fee 5,500 6,067
Examination Fee 1,000 1,103

Is Fitjee free?

FIITJEE has launched free online coaching classes to prepare for JEE Main and Advanced. The classes will be conducted live in phases and at convenient timings. There are also live online programs to prepare school students for Olympiads, KVPY, NTSE and other competitive exams.

What is the fee structure of FIITJEE for Class 11?

It is around Rs 1,50,000 in FIITJEE.

What is the fees of FIITJEE after scholarship?

Any Student can avail only one of the “Other Category Fee Waivers” during his / her entire academic session at FIITJEE. , the actual Tuition Fee payable by the said Student will be Rs. 3,375/- + GST as applicable.

Is FIITJEE costly?

Total Fees for the FIITJEE Class 11 and 12 combined Fee is about 2.5 lakhs.

Which branch of FIITJEE is best?

The best Branch is FIITJEE South Delhi, Kalu Sarai. It has more no of students that clear JEE.

How can I get 100% FIITJEE scholarship?

As FIITJEE is there for business so it does not want u to get full scholarship so the paper will have the questions which u have seen rarely and will be of very high level. For getting full 100% scholarship you have to see the previous years papers or some seniors which may provide you with that.

Is FIITJEE only for IIT?

FIITJEE Limited – For IIT-JEE, NTSE, NSEJS, KVPY & Olympiad Aspirants.

Does FIITJEE give 100% scholarship?

You will get 100% tution Fee Scholarship then also you have to pay about 1Lakh for 2 years in CRP Program . The maximum fees after scholarship is 1,00,400. If you get more than 515/687.

Who is owner of FIITJEE?

Dinesh Kumar Goel
FIITJEE is a coaching institute for JEE and other competitive exams founded by Dinesh Kumar Goel. It has a pan-India network of 67 branches in 43 cities along with branches in Bahrain and Qatar.

Can I join FIITJEE in Class 9?

It’s totally upto you. If you feel you can sacrifice your schooling and prepare for the JEE right from now than you can. I had also joined JEE preparation at the 9th class as everyone was forcing me too.

Is FIITJEE a k12 company?

The company provides training for IIT-JEE, AIEEE and other engineering entrance exams in India and teaching services for higher classes to K-12 schools, trains students for the national talent search exam and various scholastic aptitude tests, enabling students to get admitted to reputed universities without stress and …