What makes an OSHA complaint non-formal?

Non-formal Complaint. Any complaint alleging a safety or health violation(s) that does not meet all the requirements of a formal complaint identified above and does not come from one of the sources identified under the definition of Referral, below.

What is a non-formal complaint?

Non-formal complaints are complaints made anonymously, by former employees, or by individuals who did not provide their written signature for the complaint. Non-formal complaints cause a letter to be sent to the company listing the possible violations and requiring proof of abatement.

What are three 3 Ways complaints can be filed with OSHA?

File a Complaint

  • Online – Use the Online Complaint Form.
  • Fax/Mail/Email – Complete the OSHA Complaint Form [En EspaƱol], or Send a Letter Describing Your Complaint.
  • Telephone – Call Your Local OSHA Office or 800-321-6742 (OSHA)
  • In Person – Visit Your Local OSHA Office.
  • Online – Use the Online Whistleblower Complaint Form.

How do I write a letter to OSHA?

Your reply should include the following:

  1. Address it exactly as the return address appears on the complaint letter, to the attention of the OSHA representative that signed off on the letter;
  2. Include the official complaint number on the “Subject” line;
  3. Your salutation should match the salutation of the complaint letter;

What makes an OSHA complaint formal?

Formal Complaint. Asserts that an imminent danger, a violation of the Act, or a violation of an OSHA standard exposes employees to a potential physical or health harm in the workplace; Is reduced to writing or submitted on a Complaint (OSHA-7); and. Is signed by at least one current employee or employee representative.

What type of information should be included in any OSHA complaint?

Please include the following information, if available:

  • Name, address, and telephone number of the worksite.
  • Type of business.
  • Name and job title of the manager at the worksite.
  • Your name, address, telephone number, and email address.
  • Detailed description of the hazard.

Can OSHA complaints be anonymous?

A whistleblower complaint filed with OSHA cannot be filed anonymously. If OSHA proceeds with an investigation, OSHA will notify your employer of your complaint and provide the employer with an opportunity to respond.

What are the 4 types of OSHA compliance?

OSHA standards fall into four categories: General Industry, Construction, Maritime, and Agriculture.

How long does it take OSHA to respond to a complaint?

within five days
OSHA telephones the employer, describes the alleged hazards and then follows up with a fax or a letter. The employer must respond within five days, identifying in writing any problems found and noting corrective actions taken or planned. If the response is adequate, OSHA generally will not conduct an inspection.

How serious is a formal complaint?

A formal work complaint is a serious issue because it goes in your permanent file and could lead to tense or stressful interactions with co-workers and supervisors. When you feel like a formal complaint is necessary, consult your company handbook and follow the specific procedures it recommends.