What school is in educating the East End?

Frederick Bremer School
Its format is based on the BAFTA Award-winning 2011 series Educating Essex and the National Television Award-winning 2013 series, Educating Yorkshire. It follows the everyday lives of the staff and students of Frederick Bremer School in East London which is a comprehensive secondary school.

Has the Educating series been Cancelled?

After the fourth series of the Educating series ended it was announced that the series would be shelved till 2017 to give the show a break and a rest. It was announced on 22 December 2016 by Channel 4 that the Educating series would be returning in 2017 with a fifth series after a two-year break.

What happened to Jebb Educating East End?

Jebb, sadly, was failed by the system, not by his school. He’s failed by underfunded state schools’ inability to really provide for his issues. Wouldn’t it be great if schools had therapists on hand at all times providing free emotional head massages? Not just for students, but teachers too.

What was the first series of Educating?

Series overview

Series Title Originally aired
First aired
1 Essex 22 September 2011
2 Yorkshire 5 September 2013
3 The East End 4 September 2014

What happened in educating Greater Manchester?

Channel Four Educating Greater Manchester headteacher Drew Povey quits after being suspended. A headteacher who starred in Educating Greater Manchester has quit after being suspended. Drew Povey was sent home on July 13, along with three other senior staff members, amid an investigation into practices at the school.

What happened to me Povey?

Will there be another Educating series 2021?

There Won’t Be Educating Series 7 on Channel 4.

Where does Mr Povey teach now?

At the time of filming and the subsequent events, there were too many uncertainties.” Following his resignation, Povey set up a consultancy business. Educating Greater Manchester airs on Channel 4.