What shape is a Squoval nails?

Square oval
Square oval or squoval nails are perfect if you’re into the flat edge of the square but hate sharp corners. Squoval is your best option. This universally flattering shape has softened corners for the best of both worlds.

What are the characteristics of Squoval nail?

For women who like a rounder edge, the squoval shape is perfect for you. It’s a mix between square and oval, go figure! The main shape of the nail stays square, but the corners are rounded which makes this more of an easygoing nail shape.

Are Squoval nails good?

Squoval nails flatter all fingers and because of this, they never go out of style. They also work with both short and long nails, and they help keep nails strong. Unlike squares, they don’t have sharp edges that catch on things; like ovals, they’re very durable.

How is shaping and filing done in a Squoval nail shape?

“Hold the nail file at a 45-degree angle at the nail’s corner to begin rounding the corner of the free edge,” says Dunne. “Use a smooth rounding motion to pull the file over the corner of the nail to make a rounded shape.” Don’t be afraid to pause a beat between filing.

Is Squoval a real word?

The word squoval is a hybrid of two words: oval and square, and it’s designed to define the nail shape that has rounded edges on a squarish nail. It is a very popular shape.

What is the most popular among the nail shapes?

The square-shaped nails are the most famous among the nail shapes. It is created by allowing the nail to grow out straight and then filing the tip straight across at right angles with the rest of the nail plate.

Which nail shapes is the easiest shape to maintain?

“A squoval shape is the easiest shape to maintain. For most people, it’s the way their nails naturally grow, so the upkeep is just about evening out the shape,” says King.