Where can I advertise for free in the UK?


  • Check out: UK Business Listing Directories Sites.
  • UK advertising sites.
  • #1 gumtree.com/
  • #2 ablewise.com/
  • # 3 Craigslist.co.uk.
  • #4 OLX.co.uk.
  • #5 ad-mart.co.uk.
  • #6 Adoos.co.uk.

Where can I post ad for free?

A: Some of the best free sites to post classified ads include:

  • Craigslist.
  • Kijiji.
  • Backpage.
  • Hoobly.
  • Oodle.com.
  • Facebook Marketplace.
  • Google My Business.
  • Amazon Marketplace.

Does free classified ads work?

We use a completely automated Classified Ad Blaster that allows us to submit unlimited free ads to over 50,000 classified ads sites with just a couple of clicks of the mouse!…Do Free Classified Ad Sites Really Bring You Customers?

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Is there Craigslist in UK?

Craigslist is a U.S.-based classified advertising platform that also caters to the U.K. It features city and region-specific pages. Unlike in the U.S., where only paid posts are offered, employers in the U.K. can post free local job ads.

How do I advertise for free on Google?

Go to https://www.google.com/business and click Start Now.

  1. Search for your business to verify that it is not already listed. If you do not find your business, continue entering your info.
  2. Follow the simple steps provided by Google.
  3. Verify your business.
  4. Well there we have it, you can now get free advertising on Google.

How can I promote my business on social media for free?

How to Promote your Brand on Social Media

  1. Fill Out Your Profile.
  2. Add Your Branded Hashtags.
  3. “Follow Us on Social”: Cross-Promote on Other Channels.
  4. Use Unique or Branded Social Icons on Your Website.
  5. Promote Your Social Accounts in Newsletters & Email Signatures.
  6. Create Targeted Ads.
  7. Tag Products to Your Posts.

How do I post a classified ad?

Some website maybe have slightly different process but mostly are the same.

  1. You Need to do the registration and verify your registration by email.
  2. Click on ” Post a Classified” or something like ” Place a New Classified”
  3. Select category.
  4. Preview your ads before publishing.