Where can I find Pharod?

Several characters point the way to Pharod, including “The Post”, Pox and Sharegrave, but more importantly Angyar, who, on top of revealing that Pharod is underneath Ragpicker’s Square, knows how to get through the portal to the otherwise blocked entrance to the Trash Warrens and reveals the key for it: a piece of Junk …

How do I leave Pharod’s vault?

Exits. Pharod’s Secret Treasure Room, via a portal (X=1640 Y=560). To open the Portal, the Nameless One must have acquired Pharod’s Crutch (which is the key) from his corpse after completing the Tenement of Thugs area.

Where can I buy junk Planescape?

Junk can be found in various locations, usually in containers.

  • Mortuary 3rd Floor (X=1400 Y=950)
  • Mortuary 3rd Floor (X=2900 Y=1850)
  • Office of Vermin and Disease Control (X=210 Y=170)
  • Burnt building in the Alley of Dangerous Angles (X=490 Y=740)
  • Vlask’s house in Ragpicker’s Square (X=1630 Y=1420)

Where is the bronze sphere Planescape?

the Drowned Nations
It can be found in the Drowned Nations (X=4140, Y=2160). Giving it to him grants 15,000 XP.

How do you recruit Annah Planescape?

Recruiting Annah Although she can be found on the streets of Sigil very early in the game, she only becomes a companion at the mid-portion of the game, where she will automatically join the party after completing a task for Pharod.

How many endings does Planescape Torment have?

Planescape: Torment, a game that I otherwise love, had about eight different conclusions, each based on a particular choice the player could make at the very end of the game.

How do you recruit on Dakkon?

Recruiting Dak’kon Dak’kon can be found in the Smoldering Corpse Bar, at (X=970 Y=980). When the conversation turns to the city of Sigil, Dak’kon asserts that it doesn’t *know* itself.

How do I get blades of the immortal Planescape?

The Blade of the Immortal can be acquired from Coaxmetal, who offers to forge a blade that can kill even The Nameless One.

What happens to The Nameless One?

Ravel’s immortality ritual succeeded, though, rather than granting him eternal life, Ravel simply stripped away his mortality (likely in addition to other enchantments that regenerate his body). To test her ritual, Ravel immediately killed The Nameless One, and, when he recovered, he had lost all of his memories.

How do you recruit a Vhailor?

Players should leave Sigil for Ravel’s Maze with four or fewer companions. The Nameless One tells Vhailor that he seeks Justice too, to recruit Vhailor, which gains 90,000 XP. When they first meet, if The Nameless One (TNO) has Wis 18 or more, he will remember Vhailor’s name, which leads to a memory and 60,000 XP.

How did the nameless one become immortal?

Ravel agreed and performed the ritual, out of love and succeeded in making the Nameless One immortal, but the ritual was flawed, for every time he died, he forgot his memories and became another person.

Why is the nameless one immortal?

In the game, he suffers from a curse of immortality that has spanned thousands of years. Every time he dies, another person in the multiverse dies to fuel his resurrection….

The Nameless One
Gender Male