Where can I fish in Scotts Head?

If you are looking for a river fish, drive along back beach to the Macleay River Wall where you can find bream, flathead and jewfish. If the boats in tow and you’re ready to hit the seas, you can launch at Scotts Head and head out the front of Grassy Head where you will find snapper, pearl perch and mackerel.

Where can I fish in Nambucca Heads?

South Beach, which is on the opposite side of the Nambucca River, is a top spot for fishing for tailor, jewfish, salmon and the odd snapper. The whiting congregate closer to the river mouth in summer and spring but once it gets cold the fishing is better for bream and black fish.

Where are the fish biting in Sydney?

Here are the best places to go fishing in Sydney.

  • Cooks River. Brighton Le Sands.
  • Clovelly Beach. Clovelly.
  • Manly Dam. Manly Vale.
  • Gunnamatta Bay. Port Hacking.
  • Beulah Street Wharf. Sydney Harbour.
  • Gladesville Wharf. Parramatta River.
  • Tom Ugly’s Bridge. Georges River.
  • Clifton Gardens. Port Jackson.

Can you fish in Nambucca River?

In the Nambucca River you are likely to catch flat head, bream, whiting, garfish, taylor and if you’re lucky a jewfish or mangrove jack. Yabbies are abundant in the river. Upstream you can find perch and bass.

Can you swim in the Nambucca River?

Swimming – With a mild sub-tropical climate, you can swim in the river all year round. Paddle Boarding – Explore the many close-by islands and tranquil backwaters along the length of the river. Snorkelling – Discover the amazing variety of marine animals that call the Nambucca River home.

What are the best fishing spots in Sydney?

Best Fishing Spots in Sydney

  1. Brighton-Le-Sands (Cooks River)
  2. Manly Dam (Manly Vale)
  3. Gordon’s Bay and Clovelly Beach (Clovelly)
  4. Gunnamatta Bay (Port Hacking)
  5. Gladesville Wharf (Parramatta River)
  6. Clifton Gardens (Mosman)
  7. Tom Uglys Bridge (Georges River)
  8. Beulah Street Wharf (Sydney Harbour)

What fish are in the Nambucca River?

Are there sharks in Nambucca River?

“They suggested there’s bull sharks in the river all year round, but that the bigger ones leave when it gets cooler and head north and the smaller ones stay in the river.