Where did the phrase a Buttload come from?

The 12th century saw a spike in wine exports, largely because the English were #thirsty for claret, a wine made in Bordeaux, France. By the way, a “buttload” is just one of several silly words that was once commonly used to describe an amount of liquid by volume.

What does Buttload actually mean?

buttload (plural buttloads) (obsolete, UK, West Country) A regional English measure of capacity of a heavy cart (a butt), containing 6 seams, or 48 bushels, equivalent to 384 gallons. quotations ▼

Is Buttload an actual measurement?

Did you know that a “buttload” is an actual unit of measure of volume? It dates back to middle English. A butt is also know as a pipe and is an official unit of measure for English Brewery Cask Units and English Wine Casks Units.

Is a barrel called a butt?

A “butt.” Yes, its true—a butt is actually a unit of measurement for wine or whiskey casks. According to the experts at the Macallan distillery in Scotland, a butt is 108 imperial gallons.

How many barrels are in a butt?

That may not be of much help. So, in terms that we all understand, a butt of wine is approximately 126 gallons. That’s compared to a standard wine barrel that contains about 60 gallons. So, technically, a buttload of wine is roughly two standard barrels.

How much is a Hogs Head?

54 to 130 gallons
The hogshead was not employed only for tobacco; it traditionally is a measurement equal to 54 to 130 gallons and has been used to hold liquor, beer, flour, sugar, molasses, and other products. Most sources agree that the word hogshead dates to the Late Middle English period (1350–1469).

How much is a tun?

In the US customary system, the tun (symbol: US tu) is defined as 252 US fluid gallons (about 954 litres). In the imperial system, the tun is defined as 210 imperial gallons (about 955 litres).

How many Litres is a Buttload?

An empty butt, in turn, can hold about 125 to 150 gallons (475 to 550 liters) of wine, whiskey, ale, etc. A full cask of those? That’s a buttload.

How many liters is a Buttload?

Why do they call it a hogshead?

The name hogshead originally derives from a 15th century English term ‘hogges hede’, which referred to a unit of measurement equivalent to 63 gallons (considerably larger than a modern day hogshead which is officially 54 imperial gallons). A standard British brewing industry measure and barrel size.

What is a tun of wine?

The tun (Old English: tunne, Latin: tunellus, Medieval Latin: tunna) is an English unit of liquid volume (not weight), used for measuring wine, oil or honey. Typically a large vat or vessel, most often holding 252 wine gallons, but occasionally other sizes (e.g. 256, 240 and 208 gallons) were also used.

Why is it called hogshead?