Who bought M and W windows?

Plygem Corporation
Plygem Corporation purchased M & W a few years ago inheriting this issue, now they are trying to service the windows that may still be under warranty.

Is MW windows still in business?

With MW officially out of business, Fenster Components seeks to offer MW’s former customers a solution to their failing windows. We currently have very few MW replications available and very little information on MW products in general.

What is the cheapest vinyl window?

Average cost: $300 – $850 Vinyl window installation is usually the most affordable option for new windows. The cost to install a double paned vinyl replacement window could range anywhere from $375 to $685.

Are vinyl windows worth the money?

Vinyl windows aren’t as durable as wood windows, but they can last over 20 years. A quality vinyl window will also save you money on energy bills because the insulation in the frame of the window itself is energy efficient. Additionally, vinyl windows require no maintenance because they never need painting or scraping.

What brand are MW Windows?

MW replacement windows and parts are available through Fenster Components. MW Manufacturing was acquired by PlyGem in 2004. While PlyGem markets the MW brand in their wood window line, warranties of past MW customers are not valid, and replacement parts for those windows are not available.

What is the average cost of a vinyl window?

The average range for a new vinyl window installed is between $400 and $800, with most homeowners paying around $550 for a double-hung, double-pane replacement window….Vinyl Windows Cost by Type.

Type of window Average cost
Picture Vinyl Window $200-$1,500
Vinyl Casement Windows $250-$500
Vinyl Sliding Windows $200-$600

What sizes do vinyl windows come in?

Type of Vinyl Window – Size Variations That said, there are ranges of sizes that vinyl replacement windows come in. Typically, double or single hung windows are sized about 24 to 30 inches wide and approximately 48 to 56 inches high.

Are plastic windows better than glass?

250x Stronger Than Glass: Polycarbonate plastic windows are also 30x stronger than acrylic. Clear polycarbonate plastic has an incredible level of impact resistance, but it is also just as clear as glass. It provides a margin of safety that no other clear glazing material on the market can surpass.

How much does it cost to instal a window?

Window Installation Costs Labor costs $150 to $800 per window, or about $40 per hour. A single window unit runs $300 to $1,200 for standard sizes. Custom and bay windows cost $2,000 on average. Compare quotes from local window installers for the best price.

How long do vinyl windows last?

between 20-40 years
On average, vinyl windows last between 20-40 years. Their life expectancy depends on the climate and conditions you live in. For instance, if your windows are exposed to harsh sunlight for extended periods of time, the vinyl will break down faster and their lifespan will be closer to 20 years.

Are there black vinyl windows?

Be Bold with Black Vinyl Windows One of Pella’s most popular exterior color options for vinyl windows is black. Once considered a classic choice for window frames, black is a popular choice. Black vinyl windows are often coveted for the contrast they create when used on a home with a light-colored exterior.