Who is number 27 on the Blue Jays?

Ezequiel Carrera
Toronto Blue Jays Uniform Numbers

Toronto Blue Jays Uniform Number 0 Every Blue Jays Player Who Wore #0
Count Players Who Wore #0 Full Roster
27. Ezequiel Carrera 2016 Toronto Blue Jays
28. Ezequiel Carrera 2017 Toronto Blue Jays
29. Giovanny Urshela 2018 Toronto Blue Jays

Who is number 26 on the Blue Jays?

baseman Matt Chapman
26. …the Blue Jays’ brand new third baseman Matt Chapman. Chapman had worn #26 his entire career with the Athletics.

Who is number 53 on the Blue Jays?

On April 1, 2021, Mayza was selected to the 40-man roster. That year he recorded a 3.40 ERA and 57 strikeouts in 53 innings.

Who is number 48 on the Blue Jays?

On September 17, Bautista set the new Blue Jays single-season home run record with his 48th home run, breaking the record set by George Bell. On September 23, Bautista became the 26th player in Major League Baseball history to reach the 50 home run club in one season, and the first Blue Jays player to do so.

Who wore number 47 for the Blue Jays?

Anthony Kay
Anthony Kay has switched to #47 after becoming the first Blue Jay to wear #70 last year.

What number was Dave Stieb?

Stieb’s number 37 was engraved on the pitcher’s mound for the game.

What team is Batista on?

Dominican Republic national baseball team
Dominican Rep.
José Bautista/Current teams

Who is the highest paid blue jay?

George Springer
Team Future Payrolls

Name Age 2022
George Springer 32 $29.67M
Kevin Gausman 31 $21M
Hyun Jin Ryu 35 $20M
Yusei Kikuchi 31 $16M

Who was the best Blue Jay ever?

Top 60 All-Time Greatest Blue Jays

  • Top 60 All-Time Jays, Just Missed Outs: Casey Janssen.
  • Top 60 All-Time Jays, Just Missed Outs: Scott Downs.
  • Top 60 All-Time Jays: #1 Roy Halladay.
  • Top 60 All-Time Jays: #2 Dave Stieb.
  • Top 60 All-Time Jays: #3 Jose Bautista.
  • Top 60 All-Time Jays: #5 Tony Fernandez.

Who is number 20 on the Blue Jays?

20: Barry Sanders, NFL.