Who owns Barloworld South Africa?

Barloworld Limited

Type Public (JSE: BAW)
Founder Ernest (Billy) Barlow
Headquarters Sandton, South Africa
Key people Dominic Sewela — CEO; Don Wilson — CFO; Dumisa Ntsebeza — Chairman
Services Motor vehicle dealerships car rental industrial equipment logistics

Who is the CEO of Barloworld?

Dominic Malentsha Sewela (Feb 8, 2017–)Barloworld Limited / CEO

What does Barloworld Limited do?

Barloworld is an industrial processing, distribution, and services company with two primary areas of focus: Industrial Equipment and Services and Consumer Industries (food and ingredient solutions).

Who is buying Barloworld Logistics?

Barloworld in January announced the proposed sale of its motor retail business to NMI Durban South Motors (NMI-DSM), a joint venture of the Barloworld Group in which Barloworld holds a 50% interest alongside the Akoo family, for an estimated R947. 26 million.

Who is Barloworld Equipment?

Barloworld Equipment is the Southern African dealer for Cat Earthmoving Equipment, with operations in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique and joint ventures in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Who owns Barloworld Toyota?

2013. The Integrated Employee Value Model and the Integrated Financial Value Model were launched in 2013. The remaining 49% shareholding in Toyota Stellenbosch was acquired during 2013, and the dealership is now 100% owned. Avis Fleet Services acquired the remaining shares in its subsidiary in Lesotho.

Who bought Barloworld?

NMI Durban South Motors
The industrial holding company will retain a 50 percent stake in the business through its partnership with the Akoo family. Barloworld has reached a deal to sell its Motor Retail business to NMI Durban South Motors, a joint venture it owns a 50% stake in.

Is SMD part of Barloworld?

The Barloworld Group acquired a 52% shareholding in SMD on the 1st of May 2016 and by doing so, became the controlling shareholder of SMD. Being a part of Barloworld has thus far been a great journey for us.

What sells Barloworld?

Barloworld’s automotive business includes car rental, retail, fleet services as well as used vehicles and disposals.

Did Barloworld sell Avis?

Barloworld has been left with the Avis Budget Group rental business, which has earned 60% of its revenue from international tourists.

Does Barloworld own Avis?

Barloworld has a long-standing valued partnership with the Avis Budget Group and operates short-term vehicle solutions in more than 150 outlets in southern Africa.

Is Barloworld closing?

Group is also planning to exit from its car rental and leasing business.