Who played drums on two of us?

George Harrison played the bass on a six-string Fender Telecaster, and Ringo played the drums, using mostly tom-toms on the final track. Though it might not sound like it, “Two of Us” has the distinction of containing the most time-signature changes of any Beatles track.

Who were the three different drummers of the Beatles?

The Beatles have a total of 5 drummers:

  • Colin Hanton.
  • Tommy Moore.
  • Norman Chapman.
  • Pete Best.
  • Ringo Star.

Who played drums on Beatles Love Me Do?

Andy White
Andy White, the Scotland-born session musician who played drums on the Beatles’ debut single “Love Me Do” and “P.S. I Love You,” passed away Monday in New Jersey after suffering a massive stroke. He was 85.

What does John Lennon say before two of us?

I Dig a Pygmy
At the beginning of the recording Lennon says, “‘I Dig a Pygmy’, by Charles Hawtrey and the Deaf Aids… Phase One, in which Doris gets her oats!” The joke was mixed in by Phil Spector for the Let It Be album and also appeared in the Let It Be film, both released in 1970.

Who played what instruments on Beatles songs?

In the song Come Together by The Beatles, Paul McCartney plays the Bass Guitar, John Lennon plays Rhythm Guitar and Electric Piano, George Harrison plays lead guitar, and Ringo plays drums.

Who played drums on Abbey Road?

One of the highlights of The Beatles’ album Abbey Road was the drum solo Ringo Starr performed on the collection’s medley. It was the only recorded drum solo Starr would provide The Beatles, and he did it grudgingly.

Who was Beatles drummer before Ringo?

Pete Best
Before Ringo Starr joined the Beatles as their drummer, there was Pete Best, who played for the band for two years before he was booted in 1962. The following year the Beatles became a phenomenon and sold 12 million records in Britain alone.

Did Ringo play drums on Back in the USSR?

The Beatles recorded “Back in the U.S.S.R.” as a three-piece after Ringo Starr temporarily left the group, in protest at McCartney’s criticism of his drumming and the tensions that typified the sessions for the White Album. Instead, the other Beatles created a composite drum track from numerous takes.

Who said I Dig A Pygmy?

Charles Hawtrey