Who will be the next Vikings coach?

Kevin O’ConnellMinnesota Vikings / Head coach
Five Takeaways From the Vikings Choosing Kevin O’Connell as Their New Head Coach. Another Sean McVay disciple joins the North’s head coaching ranks, providing Minnesota with an offensive-minded head coach that fits their new organizational vision.

Who will coach the Minnesota Vikings in 2022?

Kevin O’Connell
Eagan, Minn. (February 15, 2022) – The Minnesota Vikings have named Kevin O’Connell as the 10th head coach in franchise history. Coming off a Super Bowl LVI victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, O’Connell joins the Vikings after serving as the offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams the past two seasons.

Is Kevin O’Connell coming to the Vikings?

BIG NEWS! Kevin O’Connell is the new Vikings head coach! If you’re reading this, you probably already know that.

Who will be the next Vikings offensive coordinator?

Wes Phillips
EAGAN, Minn. — The Vikings have a new offensive coordinator. Minnesota announced Monday that it has hired Wes Phillips to serve in that role under new Head Coach Kevin O’Connell. Phillips has spent the past three seasons with O’Connell in Los Angeles as the Rams tight ends coach.

How old is Sean McVay?

36 years (January 24, 1986)Sean McVay / Age

McVay, who is 36 years and 20 days old on Sunday, tops the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mike Tomlin, who was 36 years, 10 months and 18 days old when his team beat the Arizona Cardinals to cap the 2008 season. McVay defeated former pupil Zac Taylor, 38, in what marked the youngest matchup of coaches in Super Bowl history.

Who does Kevin O’Connell coach for?

Minnesota Vikings
Kevin O’Connell (American football)

Minnesota Vikings
Position: Head coach
Personal information
Born: May 25, 1985 Knoxville, Tennessee
Height: 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)

Does Kevin O’Connell call plays?

“The thing about Kevin O’Connell is he’s been at the controls of the Rams’ offense in almost every way, except actually calling the plays, for two years, which makes him a guy who’s seen what Sean McVay does and what makes the Rams so successful over the last five years,” said the AP’s Greg Beacham in an interview with …

Will the Vikings get rid of Cousins?

The early vesting of the 2022 base salary guarantees eliminates the possibility of the Vikings cutting Cousins. The Vikings would be left with $45,166,668 of dead money, which is a salary cap charge for a player no longer on a team’s roster. Minnesota’s dead money would be the same as Cousins’ 2022 cap number.

How old is Katarina Elizabeth Miketin?

Katarina Miketin is a 40-year-old model from Duluth, Minn. Her parents are immigrants from Yugoslavia, but Miketin has resided in Minnesota most of her life. She appears to be a long-time Vikings fan, posting about attending games in 2018.

Can the Vikings trade Cousins?

And while the extension essentially guarantees Cousins will remain with the Vikings until 2024, unless he okays a trade to another team before then, Minnesota has still set themselves up to draft a top quarterback in 2023 and develop them to become their starter for the 2024 season if they want to move on from Cousins.