Will a MERV 11 filter hurt my furnace?

The short answer is that it can, but it’s not really an issue except under extreme circumstances. Most modern HVAC systems have no problem working with higher MERV filters, which is why millions of homeowners depend on them.

What do numbers on Filtrete filters mean?

The higher the number, the more efficient HVAC air filters are. MERV ratings communicate minimum efficiency, which means they rate the very least performance homeowners can expect. HVAC air filters with a MERV rating between one and four offer minimal filtration.

What does MERV 11 mean on a furnace filter?

A MERV 11 air filter has a higher efficiency rating. Meaning, it can capture finer particles and clear more contaminants out of the air.

Are MERV 13 filters HARD on furnace?

Minimum Particle Size Filters within a MERV rating of 17-20 are almost never necessary in a residential home. A MERV rating of 13-16 is considered hospital level air quality, so it is unlikely your home needs any more than that.

What MERV rating is filtrete 1500?

MERV 12 rating
Each Filtrete Healthy Living 1500 filter has a microparticle performance rating (MPR) of 1550, which is comparable to a MERV 12 rating. This is one of the highest residential MERV ratings, which were created by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

How do I know what MERV filter to use?

MERV ratings range from 1 to 20, with lower ratings denoting a lower-quality filter.

  1. MERV 1-4 Filters: Filters with a MERV rating of 1 to 4 do little to trap harmful particles in your home’s air.
  2. MERV 5-8 Filters: MERV ratings of 5 to 8 indicate a medium-quality filter that’s sufficient for most homes.

What MERV rating is filtrete 1550?

Filtrete MPR 1550 Allergen, Bacteria & Virus Air Filters (4″ – 6″)

Attribute Name Value
Filter Life 12 Months
MERV Rating MERV 12
MPR Rating 1550
Overall Thickness (Imperial) 1 in, 3 in, 4 in, 5 in, 6 in

What does MPR 1000 mean?

MPR 1000 filters step up into allergy-fighting territory. These filters are good for those that suffer from allergies since they provide a higher level of filtration against pet dander and smoke. These are a good choice if you need an increased level of protection from seasonal allergies or excessive dust.

What MERV rating is filtrete 600?

Filtrete MPR 600 Pollen Air Filters

Attribute Name Value
Filter Life 3 months
MERV Rating MERV 7
MPR Rating 600
Overall Thickness (Imperial) 1 in

What MERV rating is filtrete 1200?

Filtrete MPR 1200 Allergen Reduction / Dust Defense Air Filters

Attribute Name Value
MERV Rating MERV 11
MPR Rating 1200, 1200D
Overall Thickness (Imperial) 1 in
Package Contents 1 Pack, 4 Pack