Does St George medical school require MCAT?

St. George’s University School of Medicine is also one of the Caribbean medical schools with low MCAT score requirements. It has given medical degrees to more than 18,000 students and became the number 1 provider of US residencies in 2020.

What GPA do you need to get into St George medical school?

MCAT and GPA: Not as competitive as US schools. Students with an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.7, a 3.5 science GPA and a 29 MCAT score automatically receive “The Chancellor’s Circle Scholarship.” This is a 1/3 tuition scholarship. This makes this Caribbean medical school a good choice if you have a good GPA and MCAT.

What medical school has the lowest average MCAT?

12 Least Competitive or Easiest Medical (MD) Schools Based on Median Accepted MCAT Scores

School Median MCAT Acceptance rate
Morehouse School of Medicine, GA 504 1.6%
Northeast Ohio Medical University, OH 507 3.78%
Ponce Health Sciences University School of Medicine, PR 499 10.6%
San Juan Bautista School of Medicine, PR 498 4.9%

Is a 3.5 GPA good for med school?

A GPA of 3.5 is the “average” for medical school so any GPA of 3.6 or above would be above average and hence, competitive.

What is St George’s medical school acceptance rate?

St Georges University School of Medicine USP St. George’s University is a selective university with an acceptance rate of 43% and boasts of a low student to faculty ratio and smaller class sizes.

What is SMU acceptance rate?

52.7% (2020)Southern Methodist University / Acceptance rate

Is a 510 MCAT good enough for MD?

A “good” MCAT score is one that puts you near or above the average percentile for matriculants at your target medical schools. For comparison, the average MCAT score for students admitted to an MD program in the United States in 2017–2018 is between 510 and 511, with an average GPA of 3.71.

Is 510 a low MCAT score?

In general, anything below a cumulative MCAT score of 510 is considered to be a borderline score. It’s above the 50th percentile, but competitive schools would prefer to go with students that have a higher score.