How do I find CC&Rs for my property in California?

If you recently purchased a home and did not receive a copy of your CC&Rs, contact your title company for assistance. You can also obtain a copy of your CC&Rs by visiting one of our office locations or sending us a copy order. ​If you have questions or need further assistance, call our office at (916) 874-6334.

Where can I pay my HOA fees?

Stop by your local office to pay your bill directly. Local offices accept check and money order payments (made payable to your assocation), credit cards, or debit cards with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express logo.

How do I find my HOA information?

  1. Open a Google search window on a computer and type: “[the name of the county where the property sits] county assessor property search.”
  2. Thereafter, choose the county assessor’s website and search for the property information under the address or name of the owner. One can also search for the community or subdivision.

How do I find HOA covenants in Georgia?

Georgia Recorded Documents Search – Visit your county recorder’s office to find an association’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), Amendments to CC&Rs, Bylaws, Lien Notices, HOA Notices, Plats, Maps, and other community documents.

How much can HOA fees increase in California?

California civil code allows HOA boards to raise dues up to 20% without seeking approval from the membership.

Can you leave a homeowners association?

To exit the contract one must cease to own the land on which the CC&R’s are recorded, meaning the only way to “quit” the HOA would be to sell your property. A: Depending upon what the CC&Rs say, the neighborhood may in fact already be a common interest development.

What HOA stands for?

Homeowners associations
Homeowners associations – HOAs for short – are private organizations that oversee the management of some residential communities. HOAs establish sets of rules and regulations for those living in the community to follow.