How wide does Miscanthus giganteus get?

Giant Miscanthus is substantial both in size and in good looks. It grows in a 10-foot, arching shape with deep green, wide leaves. In September, fluffy, fan-like plumes emerge above the foliage bringing the height to 12 feet….Foliage Color.


Is Giant Miscanthus a perennial?

Miscanthus giganteus, giant miscanthus, is an perennial erect, warm-season grass that is a very cold-tolerant. It will develop leaves at temperatures below 50°F, and its root system can survive winters with temperatures below -10°F.

How long does miscanthus take to grow?

It grows slowly when young but will reach a mature height of 3 to 8 feet in two to three years, depending on the cultivar and growing conditions. Its steady growth makes maiden grass valuable to landscaping, but it may also prove detrimental if the plant becomes invasive.

Which miscanthus is tallest?

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Grosse Fontane’ (Chinese Silver Grass) Standing out beautifully in the garden and providing a wonderful winter interest, this perennial grass easily grows up to 8 feet tall (240 cm).

How far apart should I plant Miscanthus giganteus?

Planting miscanthus will take the form of placing the rhizomes in the ground at a density of about 15,000 per hectare. Rhizomes should be well budded and spaced about 80cm apart from each other.

How far apart do you plant Miscanthus giganteus?

Q: I want to make a hedge of Miscanthus Giganteus. How close do I space the plants? A: Spacing plants 1 1/2′ apart should result in a fairly full hedge in 1-2 years. Planting 3′ apart should take 3-4 years to become fairly full.

Will cattle eat miscanthus?

Subject: RE: Will cows eat Miscanthus Giganteus grass? No cattle will not touch any of the miscanthus varities, nor do they really use it for bedding. Bio fuel is the main use of planting it.