Is pink pineapple plant edible?

That’s right—California-based food production company Del Monte took a strain of pineapples and genetically modified it to become a gorgeous, pink fruit. The best part? It’s edible. The pineapples, which are grown in Costa Rica, have been in development since 2005, but were given the green light by the FDA in December.

How long does it take to grow pink pineapples?

The food company, known for those little fruit cups, says the Pinkglow Pineapple is juicier and sweeter than normal pineapples, and takes 2 years to grow in the jungle in Costa Rica.

Is there a natural pink pineapple?

Pineapples contain pink pigment (lycopene) and yellow pigment (beta carotene). The Pinkglow pineapple has been modified to produce lower levels of the enzymes that convert lycopene to beta carotene, allowing the fruit to become naturally pink.

Why is growing pineapple pink illegal?

(Because they’ve been genetically modified.) In development since 2005, the fruit was only just given the Food and Drug Administration’s seal of approval this week, NBC News reports. So far, Del Monte is the only company to produce pink pineapples, growing them in Costa Rica.

Is pink pineapple genetically modified?

Pink pineapples are genetically modified fruit that stay pink and sweeter than yellow pineapples. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are crops produced using a precise method of plant breeding to achieve desirable traits. Desirable traits include resistance to pests or non-browning produce to reduce food waste.

Where do pink pineapples grow?

Costa Rica
Pinkglow® pineapples grow on a select farm in the South-Central region of Costa Rica, which has the ideal soil and climate for growing pineapples. Can I get a pink pineapple anywhere else? Fresh Del Monte is the only company to grow this unique pink pineapple variety.

How long do pink pineapples last?

Refrigerator up to 7 days. Freezer up to 1-3 months.

Is pink pineapple legit?

While it’s much lesser known than, say, purple potatoes and the aforementioned candy grapes, pink pineapples are definitely real. So much so that they even have their own patent under the fruit-producing giant Del Monte. (Because they’ve been genetically modified.)

How much is a pink pineapple worth?

Pinkglow pineapples can be purchased from only two retailers: Melissa’s and Tropical Fruit Box. You may have guessed, but pink pineapples aren’t as cheap as their yellow brethren. Right now, prices are between $30 and $40 a pop, so they’re definitely an investment.

Are pink pineapples rare?

A result of 16 years of development via bioengineering, the Pinkglow Pineapple is being sold as a rare treat, rather than a regular, everyday snack — the kind of thing you’d serve at a party, give as a gift or use to pink-ify a pina colada.