What are eyelet plugs?

Tunnel/Flesh Tunnel/Eyelet – is a hollow, tube-shaped plug. You can see directly through a tunnel for a stretched or scalpelled piercing. However, the smaller the gauge the smaller the effect to see through the plug becomes.

What are plugs piercing?

A plug (sometimes earplug or earspool), in the context of body modification, is a short, cylindrical piece of jewelry commonly worn in larger-gauge body piercings. Modern western plugs are also called flesh tunnels.

What’s the smallest tunnel gauge size?

20 is the smallest size. The lower the number in sizing the bigger the earring is. The largest gauges are 0g and 00g.

What’s the difference between tunnels and plugs?

The difference between the tunnel and the plug A tunnel (as you would expect) is hollow inside. You can see through the jewellery and this is highlighted inside the piercing cavity. A plug on the other hand, is solid and fills the piercing cavity.

Do plugs hurt?

If your earlobe feels tight or you’re in pain after inserting the taper or plug, then the size is too big and you should opt for something smaller. Only very mild discomfort and pain are normal; everything else is a clear signal that you’re stretching too fast.

What are those big holes in people’s ears?

What is a preauricular pit? A preauricular pit is a small hole in front of the upper ear, located just between the face and the cartilage of the ear rim. A preauricular pit may occur on one or both sides of the ear.

How do I know what size earplugs to use?

Each ear should be sized individually. When working with two-sized E•A•R brand foam earplugs, persons with larger earcanals (L and XL) should wear the larger-sized products; those with smaller earcanals (S and XS) should wear the smaller-sized products.

What size can I start wearing plugs?

After making sure that your ears are fully healed from the initial piercing, you can start stretching at a 16 gauge. Most regular piercings are at 18 gauge. You’ll only want to go one size bigger during each stretch.

Did King Tut have stretched ears?

King Tutankhamen The Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun is one of the earliest known rulers to have stretched ear lobes. This can clearly be seen in one of his more famous images on his sarcophagus.