What is Burger Chef in Mad Men?

It’s only a minor spoiler for the latest episode of “Mad Men” to reveal that a current Sterling Cooper client is a chain of fast food restaurants known as Burger Chef, one establishment of which was featured prominently this Sunday.

Was Burger Chef a real company?

Burger Chef was an American fast-food restaurant chain….Burger Chef.

Type Subsidiary
Industry Restaurant
Founded 1954
Defunct 1996
Fate Company defunct after it was sold to Hardee’s

Why did Burger Chef close?

7 more fast food chains we wish we could eat at again. A few years later, the Burger Chef chain was no more. There is no single reason. The cause of the sudden demise was a cocktail of overambitious expansion, a sudden spike in competition and a dash of crime.

Is Burger Chef the same as Burger King?

Born in the spring of 1958, Burger Chef, whose name was reportedly chosen to present the new restaurant as a more highbrow version of Burger King, got its start in Indianapolis.

Was the Burger Chef murders solved?

Despite thousands of hours of police investigation, as well as Burger Chef offering a reward of $25,000 to anyone who could capture the murderers or provide information about their whereabouts, the attackers were never prosecuted, and the case remains officially unsolved.

Was there a Burger Chef in California?

Burger Chef on Mad Men Burger Chef was one of the clients of the program’s fictional advertising firm, Sterling Cooper. The production crew took Jim’s Burgers (now Chris’s Burgers) in Rialto, California, a former Burger Chef building, and painstakingly brought it back to its former glory inside and out.

What happened to wetson’s?

Wetson’s was an American fast food hamburger chain that existed from 1959 to 1975. At its peak, Wetson’s had approximately 70 locations in the greater New York metropolitan area….Wetson’s.

Industry Fast-food restaurants
Founder Herbert Wetanson
Defunct 1975
Fate Closed
Headquarters New York, California, U.S

When did Hardee’s buy Burger Chef?

In 1982, the 679 locations of Burger Chef (420 of which were franchised) were purchased by Hardee’s for forty-four million dollars. Many Burger Chef locations were converted to Hardee’s, while franchises or restaurants near pre-existing Hardee’s were allowed to switch to a different brand altogether.

Did Pillsbury buy Burger King?

In 1967, the Pillsbury Co. acquired Burger King for $18 million.

Was there a Burger Chef in Arizona?

Burger Chef was founded in Indiana in 1954 and came to the Phoenix market in the 1960s. The restaurant chain is no longer around, but some of its buildings now house other businesses. About a half-dozen Whataburger restaurants were constructed in Phoenix in the 1960s. The chain was founded in Texas in 1950.

Was there a Burger Chef in Wisconsin?

Burger Chef.

What happened to Sandy’s fast food?

Wenger, Paul White and W. K. Davidson. Sandy’s was the ancestor of the midwestern franchises of the Hardee’s restaurant chain….Sandy’s.

Industry Fast food restaurants
Founders Gust “Brick” Lundberg Robert C. Wenger Paul White W. K. Davidson
Defunct 1979
Fate Bought out and merged into Hardee’s
Successor Hardee’s