What is the default maxConcurrentSessions in WCF?

The maxConcurrentCalls property is used to limit the total number of calls across all the service instances. The default value is 16 per processor.

What is the default maxConcurrentSessions?

maxConcurrentSessions : The default is 100 times the processor count.

What is concurrency in WCF?

Concurrency is the control of multiple threads active in an InstanceContext at any given time. This is controlled using the System. ServiceModel. ServiceBehaviorAttribute. ConcurrencyMode is the ConcurrencyMode enumeration.

What is throttling in c#?

Throttling controls place limits on the number of concurrent calls, instances, or sessions to prevent over-consumption of resources. Throttling behavior is specified in service configuration file settings.

How many requests can a WCF service handle?

one request
WCF service can handle one request at a time.

Where can we host WCF service?

WCF services can be hosted in any managed application. This is the most flexible option because it requires the least infrastructure to deploy. You embed the code for the service inside the managed application code and then create and open an instance of the ServiceHost to make the service available.

What is InstanceContextMode in WCF?

InstanceContextMode property) controls how the InstanceContext is created in response to incoming messages. By default, each InstanceContext is associated with one user-defined service object, so (in the default case) setting the InstanceContextMode property also controls the instancing of user-defined service objects.

What is the default InstanceContextMode in WCF?

By default the WCF client will create a new session, which will create a server instance, all calls for the duration of the session is called a conversation and is served by a single instance (Instancing) of the server with a single thread (Concurrency) dedicated to that session/client/conversation.

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