Who won World gymnastics 2014?

Simone Biles

Event Gold Silver
Individual all-around Simone Biles ( USA ) Larisa Iordache ( ROU )
Vault Hong Un-jong ( PRK ) Simone Biles ( USA )
Uneven bars Yao Jinnan ( CHN ) Huang Huidan ( CHN )
Balance beam Simone Biles ( USA ) Bai Yawen ( CHN )

What gym did Jordyn Wieber?

Wieber enrolled at UCLA in the fall of 2013, and even though she couldn’t join the squad, she couldn’t stay out of the gym. She found managing the next best thing to competing. Every day at 6 a.m. she trained alone in the Wooden Center, then morphed from golden girl to gofer when the Bruins entered at 8.

What happened to Jordyn Wieber at 2012 Olympics?

Wieber at the 2012 Olympics She was left out of the final due to the Olympics’ rule limiting each participating country to a maximum of two gymnasts in the all-around final. She did get to compete in the team final and was part of the “Fierce Five” squad that won the gold in the event.

Is Jordyn Wieber engaged?

DeWITT – One of the Lansing area’s most iconic sports figures – Olympic gold-medal winning gymnast Jordyn Wieber – is getting hitched.

Did Jordyn Wieber compete for UCLA?

Wieber badly wanted to be part of a college team — so much that she still attended UCLA after winning a gold medal at the 2012 Games and served as a team manager, moving mats and chalking bars as the others competed.

Why didn’t Jordyn Wieber make the all-around?

Wieber took third by . 233, as she scored a 60.032. The defending world champion and U.S. national champion is left out of the all-around finals because of the “only two gymnasts per country” rule. This decision is going to start a revolution.

Is Jordyn Wieber married?

Wieber has been dating 2016 Olympian Chris Brooks since 2017. She announced their engagement on October 5, 2021.

When did Jordyn Wieber and Chris Brooks start dating?

Wieber and Brooks met in 2011 when they were both competing on the World Championship team in Tokyo. “We both continued training and I made the 2012 Olympic team and he made the 2016 Olympic team. We remained friends for five years and then reconnected on the 2016 post-Olympic tour and started dating,” she recalls.